Official Rules & Entry Forms for 2009 KanzaFest

2009 entries are due by June 30, 2009

- contact us if you're unsure about making the deadline-

Special film category for 2009 & 2010 announced!

Do you have a JOURNEY STORY? A tale of travel, of transportation or just a story that tells about HOW WE GOT HERE.

It's pretty simple a story of how we Americans came to be where and who we are - it can be a true story or fiction - and best of all this is a bragging rights category - the best can say there were part of a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit.

Click the link at right for more about the exhibit & visit the Kanza Blog for more about how you can take part.



Short Fiction (under 10 minutes)


Short Documentary (under 10 minutes)

Music Video



Elementary(thru 8th)

High School(9th-12th)




Submission Formats


VHS Tape




Pay your Student Division Entry Fee online with PayPal $10 per entry

Pay your Open Division Entry Fee online with PayPal $20 per entry

Official Rules

Entry Fees

Student (elementary, high school, college) $10 Open Division $20. Entry fees in US dollars. Registration by June 30th 2009 - remember to include printout of registration form- your film submission and a clearance form (if you wish to be considered to have your film included in the Best of the Kanza DVD (see link below Clearance Form/Artist Agreement). Two festival passes are included with paid film entry fee. Make checks payable to: The Kanza Film Festival 2009.

Entry Due Date

The 2009 Kanza will be judged in closed award process for this year only. We will not have an actual Festival Day but WILL award prizes and develop the best films for inclusion in the Best of the Kanza DVD. We will announce a later Best of the Kanza Viewing day and develop Traveling Film Show dates in the future.

Your entries are due, in our hands, by June 30, 2009 at 5 p.m. Entry fees must be received along with your film. If you have a problem and have sent an email pre-entry please email prior to the due date - we will make arrangements if at all possible. Multiple entries from one school or location should notify us your entry is on its way if you are close to the deadline - we will work with you as much as possible to make sure your entries will be included in the judging and film festival.


1) Special awards in 2009 and 2010 will include a special tie in with a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit that is touring Kansas and will tie into the 2010 Film Festival during its stop in Atchison, Kansas in 2010. The special category is JOURNEY STORIES (click the link here or above for more information on the the exhibition, the Smithsonian and the film requirements) and feel free to email with your questions on this special category.

Journey Stories films entries should be marked on the entry and may include both documentary and fiction films. Just write in JOURNEY STORIES across the top of your printed entry you mail in with your film - or we may choose your film to be eligible even if you do not specifically enter it. Tell the story of a family journey, a tale of transportation, the opening of the West or any film story that "looks at HOW WE GOT HERE."

Remember JOURNEY STORIES is a special award - you still need to enter a regular category for your film entry.

Entries considered for the JOURNEY STORY CATEGORY will be eligible for the Community Heritage Scholarship special award - an ongoing special award for projects that reflect a historical perspective or positive community message. Other awards, such as best original music or best acting will be announced at this site throughout the year.

2) A panel of entertainment industry judges will select winners in each category for cash and prizes. Winners will be announced at the Kanza Festival and at this website.

3) Critiques of paid film submissions may be available as part of paid entry fee.

4) The Kanza reserves the right to decline selection of winners in any category and at any stage of the judging if there are no acceptable entries or finalists in a given category. The judges may, at their discretion, move an entry or group entries together for judging purposes.

5) You may submit multiple projects. Please only one entry per application form. Each project must be submitted on a seperate DVD, VHS or CD. You may pay multiple entry fees on one check and ship multiple entries together in one package.

6)Submissions will not be returned. DO NOT send the only master.

7)Entries that contain material not suitable for a student audience may be rejected. The Kanza reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason.

8) By submitting your project to The Kanza you retain all rights to your work but agree to allow your project to be shown at The Kanza Fest or used for Kanza Fest promotional purposes. Your name and information about your project may be used for promotion of The Kanza.

9) With the artist's written permission, selected projects will be offered a distribution package that will pay the artist a cash royalty for each copy sold.

10) Your entry is a declaration by you that the project has received permission to use all material in the project and that the person making the entry is liable for any legal action that may occur by exhibition or distribution of that project if it has copyrighted music or other material that was used without permission.

11) The entrant agrees they will not hold The Kanza responsible for any legal action that may occur from exhibition or promotion of the submitted project.

12) Selected works will be included in a distribution package that will get your films seen by a wide audience. The artist has no obligation to accept the package. Because of the distribution potential, it is imperitive that entries have full copyright clearance.

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